Clouds of Sylvanian Sorrow Tour November 2019

Clouds [headliner] (INT)

International doom super group with members of Shape of Despair, Eye of Solitude, Descend into Despair and Pantheist.

Presenting their latest album “Dor” (November 2018) on this tour.

Sylvaine (NO/FR)

Atmospherical Post Rock/Metal

Presenting her latest album “Atoms aligned, Coming undone” (November 2018 on Season of Mist) on this tour.

Aeonian Sorrow (FI/GR)

Melodic Doom Metal band with members of Red Moon Architect, Shape of Despair, Luna Obscura, Omnium Gatherum
Presenting their latest album “Into the Eternity a Moment We Are” (March 2018) on this tour.

Details :
– Nightliner tour
– Travelparty: 18 Persons (No accomodation needed)
– Backline: Touring backline
– Available Dates: 07/11 – 18/11/2019

– A guaranteed fee + % doordeal after break-even
– Catering/drinks for whole travel party
– Parking + power for one nightliner + trailer
– PA / Lights
– Professional, English speaking sound/light crew